The visbreaker fractionator of a European refinery was experiencing
black gasoil production after 6-12 months of operation. A revamp of the internals achieved on spec/clean production throughout the entire unit cycle of 24 months, delivering margin improvements of 2 MMUSD/year for a minor Capex investment.




A Thermal Gasoil Unit (2400 t/d intake) showed low upgrading of vacuum distillates due to continuous turndown operation of its distillate-cracking furnace. Decommissioning the furnace and revamping the unit with minor modifications to a visbreaker unit liberated 630 t/d of vacuum distillates for external upgrading.
Approximate margin improvement: 11.03 MMUSD/year.




In May 2018, Petrogenium conducted an idea generation workshop for a southeast-Asian refinery complex.
The program consisted of a one week, on-site workshop covering 11 different units with the following process technologies:

  • Crude distillation and High Vacuum Units
  • Naphtha hydrotreating and multiple Hydro-Desulphurization Units including their work-up sections
  • Hydrocracking unit including work-up section
  • Visbreaking

In close cooperation with site staff, the team was able to identify 21 ideas,
amounting to a potential margin improvement of 41 MMUSD/annum.
The improvement potential in my expertise area amounted to 11 MMUSD/year.