Jari is an outstanding engineer and an asset to have on any team. He quickly grasps complex technical challenges, comes up with realistic and workable solutions, and helps others to do the same. He will be an asset to any organization which is so fortunate as to gain his employment. His departure from our team was due to Dutch law (UWV reflection principle) of last in / first out. His outstanding performance and valuable contributions to our organization unfortunately could not be considered in this Dutch legal construction.
Jari is :
• Passionate for technology
• Results focused, driving for value
• High professional standard
• Committed
• Competent
• Reliable
• Authentic
• Valued team player
• Independent thinker
I would recommend Jari without hesitation.

– Marja Zonnevylle,  General Manager Technology Portfolio at Shell, March 16, 2018

I have worked frequently with Jari over the past three years in areas spanning process design, operations support, and technology development. I have the utmost respect for Jari’s skill as an engineer and oftentimes brought him into my projects since I sincerely valued his opinion. Jari possess a very thorough understanding of the fundamentals, is a skilled problem solver, and is dependable in his delivery. I greatly enjoyed working with Jari as a colleague.

– John Specht, Team Lead Gas Processing, Principle Expert Gas Treating at Shell, February 6, 2018

In the Technical Safety Reviews we did together I got to know Jari as a highly experienced technical expert in the field. A pleasure to work with as he not only he is very knowledgeable, but also has the communication skills to share this with others. A true team player and as such key to the success of the projects we did together.
Although I am sad to see us loose such a great engineer, I wish him al the best with his future endeavours. I am confident he will succeed in whatever that may be.

– Marcel Steenhoek, Project HSE lead at Basrah Gas Company, January 30, 2018

I have been working with Jari as his line manager for most of the past six years. During this time Jari has been involved in, and leading many activities related to gas processing unit design, technical support to operating assets and technology development. His technical capabilities are outstanding and well recognized and respected in the community. Jari is very professional, reliable and honest. It has been a true pleasure to work with Jari and I’m grateful for his many excellent contributions to the team and the wider Shell organization.

– Gerard Van Der Zwet, Manager Gas Processing Design, February 13, 2018